Intel expert: Trump 'delights ISIS'


Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance slammed Donald Trump's fearmongering tweets, posted after the London Bridge attack, as the sort of divisive, unhelpful rhetoric that "delights ISIS."

Donald Trump's embrace of erratic fearmongering in his tweets following the recent attack on London Bridge is a strategy that "delights ISIS," according to intelligence expert Malcolm Nance.

Following the incident, Trump posted a series of despicable tweets, in one instance writing, "We must stop being politically correct and get down to the business of security for our people. If we don’t get smart it will only get worse."

He also called for a reinstatement of his Muslim ban, which thus far has been struck down in a series of court rulings.


And on MSNBC's AM Joy, Nance said this plays right into the hands of international terrorists: "Every one of these negative statements and ignoring the Muslim world, 1.6 billion people completely delights ISIS."

NANCE: And his counter-terrorism policy? We can't seem to understand or find what his counter-terrorism policy is. As of right now, everything that is happening within the U.S. government is essentially the Obama administration policies continuing, other than the rhetoric that comes out of his tweets. None of this is productive. None of this will keep us safe.

Look, as a former member of the U.S. intelligence community, I've dedicated my entire life to trying to bring ration, thought, and facts to the debate, so that we can be more efficient in defeating our enemies. Right now, we are going to be fueling our enemies. Every one of these tweets encourages ISIS. Every one of these negative statements, and ignoring the Muslim world — 1.6 billion people — completely delights ISIS. Donald Trump needs to get General Mattis and some of the CIA advisers to come in there and try to convince him that, you know, safety comes with knowledge. In this case, all we're going to get out of this is more individual people inspired.

The stock Trump response to terrorism is to use it as a political sledgehammer, to hold attacks up as proof that he was right, and to justify his bigoted approach and policies.

It stands in stark contrast to his predecessor, President Barack Obama, who responded forcefully to terrorism while also calling for unity across faiths, asking everyone to stand together against hateful ideologies. Trump also departs from the rest of the world, urging fear while other leaders have promoted strength and resiliency.

ISIS seeks to divide the world and spread fear and loathing. With his tactless words, Trump helps them to further their terrifying goals.