We had a very intense editorial meeting we wanted to share with our readers


The Shareblue team holds a daily meeting to go over the news of the day and to make decisions about our content. With mere days to go until November 8, we wanted to share details of the editorial process with our audience.

With a community of more than one million people and social media engagement rates that rival some of the largest media platforms in America, the Shareblue team is dedicated to informing, asking hard questions, verifying facts, and challenging conventional narratives.

Each day, our team convenes to review the news of the day and to assess the political landscape. Our dominant focus, like everyone else who covers U.S. politics, is the presidential election.

Wednesday's meeting was particularly clarifying. The editorial choices we faced were so striking that we wanted to share them with our readers.

On Donald Trump:

  • His endorsement from the KKK's official newspaper.
  • New information about his clandestine ties to Russia.
  • Appearing with an organized crime figure when he denied knowing him.
  • New details about his shady business practices from the Wall Street Journal.
  • Updates on previous reporting relating to his tax dodging, housing discrimination, loose talk about nuclear weapons, and serial lying.
  • New information about his sexual predation.

On Hillary Clinton:

  • A campaign video about the work she's done on behalf of children.
  • Her excitement about the Chicago Cubs.
  • Recent policy rollouts, including an anti-bullying proposal and a plan to eliminate poverty.

As we fleshed out each option, one of our writers interjected that we should stop for a moment and think about the sheer absurdity of the contrast between the two candidates. Here we were, 15 people discussing a lifelong public servant introducing policies to benefit children and people with disabilities, and a ruthless self-promoter who boasts about groping women against their will.

A silence came over us. In that moment, we all had the same question on our mind: What has America come to?

On Election Day, that question will be answered. Let's all hope the answer is one that favors love, compassion, equality, inclusiveness, and stability. In other words, Hillary Clinton.