It took the GOP just 20 days to stop caring Roy Moore is an accused pedophile


Twenty days after cutting ties with Roy Moore, the Republican National Committee just announced it is throwing its support — and money — behind the accused child molester's Senate campaign.

There was a point at which it seemed Republicans had finally found a line they would not cross with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Following allegations that Moore stalked and preyed on teenage girls, the Republican National Committee pulled funding, Republican leaders called for blocking him from serving in the Senate, and even Donald Trump seemed hesitant to publicly support him.

Well, not anymore.

On Monday, Trump fully endorsed Moore, and before the day was over, the rest of the GOP was tripping over itself trying to justify supporting an accused child molester.

Just 20 days after the RNC withdrew funding, reports the Daily Beast, it is opening its coffers once again:

The Republican National Committee is jumping back into the Alabama Senate election on behalf of Roy Moore, an RNC official confirmed to The Daily Beast. The news was first reported by Breitbart. The decision by the committee to put money and staff behind the Moore campaign comes hours after President Donald Trump formally endorsed the Senate candidate, who has been accused by multiple women of having sexually preyed on them when they were teenagers.

The Republican Party is, as ever, completely unable to stand up to Trump’s depravity, and instead takes its every cue from him, as Daily Kos political director David Nir pointed out.

Republicans who, a mere week ago, were condemning Moore for getting himself banned from the local mall and YMCA due to his repeated leering at underage girls, are suddenly willing to stand by him while he spews venom and lies about the women he allegedly molested.  The reversal is a glaring testament to the GOP's complete inability to detach its brand from Trump, who himself has a list of accusers a mile long.

If Republicans manage to push Moore over the edge to victory, their image will forever be tainted.

Helping an accused child molester win a seat in the world's greatest deliberative body is about as depraved as it gets — but to put yourself on record opposing such a candidate only until no one is looking is a new level of craven cowardice.