'It's a lot of crap.' Chris Cuomo nails Trump team's dangerous attacks on FBI


The GOP's hysterical campaign to protect Trump from the special counsel knows no bounds. More in the media need to call it out.

Pushing back on the ugly and unprecedented attempt by the Republican Party and the conservative media to destroy public trust in the FBI and in law enforcement's ability to prosecute public corruption — all in an effort to save Donald Trump's presidency — Chris Cuomo called out of a former Trump campaign adviser on CNN Monday morning.

"It's a lot of crap coming out from a lot of people on your side of the fence," Cuomo told Michael Caputo, specifically referencing unhinged and reckless attacks on the FBI, which liken American agents to KGB thugs from the Cold War.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Republicans played the same dangerous game, relentlessly attacking and smearing the FBI and special counsel Robert Mueller's independent probe of possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian operatives last year.

It's a probe that has already won two guilty pleas.

Nonetheless, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was pressured nonstop by Republicans who used to be pro-law and order but But now use the FBI and the DOJ as a political punching bag.

It's increasingly obvious that Republicans are panicking that Mueller's team is going to deliver a devastating indictment against Trump and his team, and that the only way to save the Republican White House is to terminate the sprawling investigation.

CUOMO: I thought you guy were going to be better, Michael. You know, President Trump said, "I’m not going to play those games. I don't need their money. I’m not going to play those cheap politics. I'm draining the swamp." And now you guys always justify whatever you do by saying, "Well, this is what Obama did. Well, this is what Clinton did." I thought you guys were going to be better.

CAPUTO: Well, at the same time, Chris, it's baseball. We've got to play baseball. We can't go in there playing chess.

CUOMP: But you don't got to undermine the FBI. You don't have to tell people they're like the KGB. It's a lot of crap coming out from a lot of people on your side of the fence. You don't want to undermine the FBI, do you?

CAPUTO: I'll tell you, the biggest problem the FBI, not the FBI but the special counsel has right now, is the public perception of what's going on inside there.

CUOMO: And who's feeding that?

Putting party before country, Republicans and their allies in the fevered media swamp are urgently feeding a perception that law enforcement is out to topple Trump and that there's a looming coup brewing in a America.

And yes, that is a lot of crap.