Ivanka: My email scandal is different, please don't lock me up


Her father led chants calling for Hillary Clinton to be locked up for using a private email account, but Ivanka Trump laughed off concerns that her use of a private account merits the same punishment.

Ivanka Trump said that despite her father's attacks on Hillary Clinton's emails, the same standard does not apply to her use of a private email account to conduct government business.

The White House attempted to cover up the possible violation of the Presidential Records Act by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, who both used their private accounts while working as employees of the government.

During the presidential campaign, Donald Trump led "lock her up" chants calling for Hillary Clinton to be arrested and jailed over her email use.

This was referenced by ABC reporter Deborah Roberts in her interview with Ivanka.

But Ivanka quickly asserted that the same standards do not apply to her.

"All of my emails are on the White House server, there is no intent to circumvent," she protested.

"And there were mass deletions, after a subpoena was issued. My emails have not been deleted. Nor was there anything of substance — nothing confidential that was within them. So there's no connection between the two things."

Roberts then asked, "So the idea of 'lock her up' doesn't apply to you?"

"No," Ivanka replied, laughing off the question.

But there is no independent confirmation of her assertions about how she used her private account or the content of the emails she sent.

Her dismissive attitude echoes Donald Trump's excuses for her behavior and he declared concerns about her alleged misuse to be "fake news."

When Republicans leading the House Oversight Committee were alerted to the use of private accounts, they merely accepted the White House's version of events without investigating or demanding records from the Trump administration.

Based on the new revelations, incoming House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) has said he will reopen the dormant investigation and discover if Ivanka, her husband, or the Trump administration may have violated the law.

Laughing off the story after the White House covered for her is unlikely to deter an investigation into the truth of what Ivanka Trump did.

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