Ivanka Trump is just as deeply unpopular as her dad


The Trumps share everything among themselves: avarice, egotism, and embarrassingly low approval ratings.

The Trump family has taken togetherness to a whole new level.

Donald Trump and his children have been in various forms and stages of business together for some time, which has continued even after Trump entered the White House — at least for most of them.

After all, to this family, nepotism is "kind of a factor of life," as Eric Trump put it.

And one of the things the family shares amongst themselves is apparently low approval ratings from the American people.

Indeed, a new CNN poll shows that Ivanka Trump is just as deeply disliked as her historically unpopular dad.

For both Trump and Ivanka, a mere 41 percent of respondents said they held a favorable opinion of them.

They were bested by Trump's wife, Melania, who received a 44 percent favorable rating, while Ivanka's husband, Jared Kushner — also an adviser to Trump — garnered a rather pitiful 20 percent, with 27 percent saying they had never even heard of him.

It's hardly surprising that Americans feel no more warmly toward Ivanka than they do her father. After all, she's proven herself over and over to be, at best, ineffectual in her supposed ability to temper Trump's volatility, and at worst, uncaringly complicit in much of his unfitness for office.

She was put in charge of the effort to role back an Obama administration effort to close the pay gap between men and women. She failed to stop her father's reckless decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord.

And when Trump's repugnant excuse-making for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, Ivanka — who converted to Judaism before her wedding to Kushner — had nothing whatsoever to say about her dad's anti-Semitism.

As Hillary Clinton noted, with her continued silence on Trump's bigoted ideology, Ivanka is "part of his agenda and should be judged and held accountable for that."

And of course, Ivanka inherited her father's disreputable business tactics and innate refusal to accept responsibility, even when it's her name plastered across the landscape.

Ivanka may be happy to sit in her dad's seat at major diplomatic events. But tying herself so closely to her unpopular, failing father also means her own stature in the eyes of the nation and the world will go down with Trump's sinking ship.