Ivanka Trump recommends $350 place settings for every American's Thanksgiving table


Ivanka Trump showed once again just how utterly out of touch she is with the lives of everyday Americans — even when it comes to something as simple as setting the dinner table.

Ivanka Trump is very wealthy, and she apparently thinks everyone else is, too.

Why else would she recommend that Americans spend roughly $300 per person to set their Thanksgiving table?

And she seemed rather proud of herself for the suggestion, too:

The "problem" would only be "solved" for those who have pockets nearly as deep as her own.

The article — titled "An Interior Decorator's Thanksgiving Tablescape" — claims to offer "money-saving tips." But the suggestions of miniature pumpkins, wrapping-paper placemats, and napkins ($10 for a set of six) come alongside recommendations of "my expensive Astier dishes."

Yes, she did call them "expensive." And at least on that point, she's being entirely truthful.

Putting together a single place setting using Astier dishes could easily run to hundreds of dollars: dinner, side, and dessert plates run from $60 up to $155 each. The Waterford crystal glasses start at $75 a pop, and the set of four gold forks Trump recommends regularly sell for almost $20 a set.

Between the two plates, two glasses, and flatware pictured in the tweet, the cost could reach $350 for one guest — and that's before one even brings the actual food into account.

The clueless suggestions did not go unremarked upon, as a number of Twitter users offered their thoughts on Trump's "problem-solving," particularly in light of the health care and tax scam policies her father and the Republican Party are pushing, which would harm millions of Americans who are not fortunate enough to be as wealthy as she is.

This is not a first for Trump, of course. Most recently, she stated that middle-class families ought to consider food an "investment" for their families. And she has been spearheading her dad's effort to undo attempts to close the wage gap between men and women.

And it's not as though someone who shamelessly outsources much of her company's work actually cares much about the lives and livelihoods of everyday Americans.

Suggesting that they fork out hundreds of dollars per person on plates and forks is just the cherry on the very expensive sundae.

Or perhaps, the pumpkin on the $150 dinner plate.