Clinton campaign: 'Jaw-dropping double standard' that Comey would hide Russian meddling


The Clinton campaign held a press call to discuss a stunning report from CNBC that FBI Director James Comey decided not to reveal knowledge of Russian meddling in the U.S. election but was willing to send a vague letter about emails from a Clinton aide.

FBI Director James Comey's cryptic letter about Hillary Clinton's emails has met with widespread condemnation, including from Clinton's harshest critics.

The story has taken a troubling turn with a new report from CNBC:

The Clinton campaign convened a press call to address the report and to express their amazement and dismay at Comey's "jaw-dropping double standard."

Initial polls indicate that the new wrinkle in the overhyped email story hasn't materially affected Clinton's standing. Still, that doesn't make Comey's actions any less problematic.