Jeff Sessions praises the report that shows Trump obstructed justice


Trump is desperately trying to attack the damning findings of the Mueller report, but he's not getting any help from his former attorney general.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions clearly hasn't gotten the talking points from his old boss.

In an appearance Wednesday night before a group of College Republicans at Amherst College in Massachusetts, Sessions praised special counsel Robert Mueller and said that Mueller's report "deserves respect."

"Special Counsel Bob Mueller is a very experienced prosecutor," Sessions said, according to a report from Amherst's student newspaper. "He well knew that his work would be watched, reviewed and criticized. He knew that his integrity was on the line when he accepted the job ... It was a vigorously conducted investigation, you can be sure. Some may say it was excessive; I say it was complete and thorough."

That's far different from Trump's messaging, in which Trump has attacked the Mueller report as a document written by "angry Dems" and "Trump haters." Trump even attacked Mueller directly on Thursday morning, called Mueller a "Trump hater who was highly conflicted."

It's also worth pointing out that Sessions is praising a report that shows the Trump campaign welcomed Russia's hacking in the 2016 campaign, and revealed that Trump tried to obstruct justice on 10 separate occasions — and was only thwarted by the fact that White House aides refused to carry out Trump's orders.

Sessions' deference to Mueller and a report that clearly shows Trump engaged in illegal and immoral activity in the White House is unlikely to mend fences between the two men.

Trump forced Sessions out last November because Trump was frustrated that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation that Mueller was conducting. Mueller's report actually revealed that Trump tried to force Sessions out far earlier, but was blocked from doing so by now-former aides Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon. Trump also tried to pressure Sessions to prosecute Hillary Clinton, the report revealed.

Trump was angry because he believed Sessions existed as attorney general to protect Trump from legal peril, which is obviously not the role of the top law enforcement officer of the United States.

Sessions' firing led to the appointment of current Attorney General William Barr, who is acting like the lap dog Trump always wanted.

Barr humiliated himself by trying to pre-spin Mueller's report and lie about its contents in an effort to protect Trump.

Now that Trump is desperately trying to discredit the report — after claiming for weeks that it exonerated him — it certainly won't please him to hear that his former attorney general is also vouching for Mueller, his investigation, and his damning conclusions.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.