Jimmy Kimmel, NFL, UN, and every health group in America rebuke Trump in brutal week of shame


From Hillary Clinton's book sales to Jimmy Kimmel on Graham-Cassidy, Donald Trump faced another week of very public humiliations.

Donald Trump faced unrelenting public shame this week at every turn. From a dark, angry speech at the United Nations to a late night comic schooling him on health care policy, Trump proved once again to be unfit for office.

At the UN, Trump gave an unhinged speech where he threatened to "totally destroy" North Korea and used his juvenile nickname, "Rocket Man," for North Korean President Kim Jong Un.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker noted in a White House pool report that the audience of world leaders sat “stone faced,” watching Trump, though there was a “buzz in the room” when Trump made this casual threat.

Even before that speech, Pew research showed that people around the world view Trump as "arrogant, intolerant, and even dangerous." Another Pew poll showed that a growing number of nations around the world say that "U.S. power and influence poses a major threat" to them.

Indeed, Trump's careless rhetoric is already costing the United States billions in lost tourism revenue, as he continues to lower the stature of the United States in the eyes of global leaders.

This week also offered yet another reminder that Hillary Clinton is more popular than Trump, and is still able to rile him up by simply existing. Clinton's new book, "What Happened," sold an astounding 300,000 copies in one week — the best debut for a hardcover nonfiction book since 2012, and more than Trump's "Crippled America" sold since being released in 2015.

In other words, once again, Clinton won the popular vote.

On issues of policy, Trump was thoroughly humiliated by late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who spoke out several nights in a row about the disastrous Republican health care bill. And while Kimmel saved most of his fire for Louisiana Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, he did have something to say about Trump, as well.

"I guarantee he doesn’t know anything about this Graham-Cassidy bill — he doesn’t know the difference between Medicare and Medicaid," Kimmel quipped. "He barely knows the difference between Melania and Ivanka."

On top of a comedian knowing more policy that the guy who sits in the Oval Office, literally every health care organization in the country has come out against this Trump-backed bill. The plan is opposed by health insurance companies, patient rights groups, disease-specific organizations, a bipartisan group of governors, and a bipartisan group of Medicaid directors from all 50 states.

And Americans prefer Obamacare to the GOP's alternative by a 20-point margin.

Adding insult to injury, Arizona Senator John McCain came out against the Graham-Cassidy bill, severely dampening chances that it will pass the Senate.

Seeking refuge after a long week, Trump traveled to Alabama, where he gave a ranting, racially charged speech in front of a largely white audience, attacking black NFL players who have protested systemic racism and injustice.

NFL owners have donated millions to Trump, but even they condemned his remarks, saying, "Divisive comments like these demonstrate an unfortunate lack of respect for the NFL, our great game, and all our players."

And Trump's insults didn't go unnoticed by some of the players' wives and mothers, too.

Sadly, this week in on par with every other week Trump has been in office: a relentless embarrassment to America and an insult to the dignity of the White House.