Biden: Presidents should 'set the right example' for traveling during pandemic


Joe Biden has begun to make more personal appearances as November approaches.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday at a campaign event that he has to balance his desire to get out on the trail with ensuring that he is not spreading the coronavirus, and set the right example for the country.

"I would like to get out more, but I think a president has the responsibility to set examples — set the right example for how to get out," Biden said. "Not go out and not wear a mask, and not to have large crowds of people standing next to one other not wearing a mask, not being the potential cauldron for significant outbreaks of COVID."

Biden's comments appear to be a direct dig at Donald Trump, who has violated numerous public health guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic while campaigning, including just last week when he crammed thousands of supporters— most of whom were not wearing masks — onto the White House lawn in the finale of the Republican National Convention to watch him deliver his nomination acceptance speech.

Trump has attacked Biden numerous times for being in his "basement" — a favorite GOP talking point that is false, as Biden has been out and about campaigning and holding virtual campaign events. Trump even gave Biden a new nickname on Wednesday, calling him "Joe Hiden'" in a tweet.

"I'm trying to set the example," Biden said of his campaign."I'm wearing the protective gear, a mask. ... Making sure we proceed in a way with adequate social distancing and do it the right way."

Biden is taking more trips now that the election is nearing.

On Thursday, he is going to Kenosha, Wisconsin, to meet with community leaders in the aftermath of protests after police in the city shot Jacob Blake, who is Black, seven times in the back.

Biden is also expected to pay a visit on Sept. 11 to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where hijacked Flight 93 crashed on 9/11 in an empty field, avoiding greater mass casualties at its intended target of the U.S. Capitol, after passengers onboard fought to gain control of the aircraft from the hijackers.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.