Joe Biden: America is great 'because of immigrants'


Former Vice President Joe Biden praised immigrants for making America a great nation.

From an April 15 virtual town hall:

SAFAA ELZAKZOKY: So my question is: We lost a coworker at my plant because there is no regulation to protect machine employees. We can work safely and get the people meat that they need to eat, so what would you do to protect a worker like my friend who just died?


JOE BIDEN: First of all, Safaa, thank you. I feel so badly that you lost a friend. It wasn't necessary.


By the way, I've been to Egypt a number of times. And you know why we're such a great country here in the United States? Because of immigrants like you, who come here from every part of the world.


ELZAKZOKY: Thank you.


BIDEN: No, I'm not being solicitous. I'm being absolutely serious.


You know, my heart goes out to your former colleague, their family, and every one of you with the courage to keep going to work every day to feed and provide the American people.


It's hard enough in a meat-packing plant to begin with. It's hard enough under normal circumstances.


And you shouldn't have to do a job without protection. Period. Period.

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