Biden on Trump's failure to act: 'Use your full authority. This is a war.'


Trump is invoking the Defense Production Act to make ventilators. Biden says he should use it to do even more.

The administration announced on Thursday that Donald Trump would finally invoke the Defense Production Act to produce more ventilators amid the raging coronavirus outbreak, 15 days after he first said he would.

Biden addressed that decision later that afternoon, calling on Trump to do even more.

From an April 2 video press conference:

FORMER VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: We're in a situation where the president, as I was coming down to this makeshift studio I was told by a staff member that the president says he's going to fully implement the Defense Production Act now. And so, I said, "Great!" And a few minutes later I said, "What'd he say?" And I read the statement.


It's all about ventilators. Which is really important and should have been done four weeks ago. But he should employ that Defense Production Act for all the things needed: gloves, masks, face shields, gowns, etc.


That [should've been] done yesterday, last week, a month ago. Get it done now.


And for example, tests. We're in a situation where we have tests that are not being distributed, number one, because there's no one person, no commander in the White House or in the administration like a military commander determining distribution of what is available and we have to be using the Defense Production Act to get companies who have the capacity to gather all the materials needed for the test, assemble them and move now.


Use your full authority. This is a war. Act like a commander-in-chief. Use it all.

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