Biden now leads Trump in every swing state by more than 5 points


The latest New York Times polls show Biden could notch a landslide victory if the election were held today.

Donald Trump got grim news Thursday morning, when the New York Times released polling results from six swing states showing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden with large leads just a little over four months out from Election Day.

The polls found Biden up in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — all states Trump carried in 2016 and that he likely cannot afford to lose if he wants to win reelection.

Not only did the polls show Biden up in those states, but they showed he leads comfortably, including by 11 points in Michigan, 11 points in Wisconsin, and 10 points in Pennsylvania. Trump carried these states by less than 1 point in 2016.

In Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina, the polls show Biden leads by 7 points, 6 points, and 9 points, respectively.

The New York Times chalks Biden's lead up to the fact that the former vice president made inroads with white voters, who carried Trump to victory a little less than four years ago.

The polls also found that voters do not believe Trump is meeting the moment when it comes to the challenges the country, including the COVID-19 pandemic and his handling of race relations in the wake of protests over police violence and the deaths of Black Americans at the hands of white police officers.

In Michigan, for example, voters disapprove of Trump's handling of the virus. Trump attacked Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer for her virus response and even threatened to cut off funding to the state, which the poll found hurt his standing among voters.

Trump also backed protesters in the state who stormed the state capitol armed with guns to call for Whitmer to reopen the economy — against the recommendation of public health experts. The New York Times poll found 57% of Michigan voters disapprove of those protests, and 59% of Michigan voters disapprove of how Trump is handling the coronavirus overall.

Ultimately, if the poll results stand, Biden would capture 333 Electoral College votes to Trump's 204 — assuming the rest of the states vote the same way they did in 2016.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.