Trump's would-be attorney on Fox News: Mueller team are 'terrorists'


The man Trump tried to hire as his attorney is now instead his hitman on Fox News.

Just weeks after Trump tried to hire him as his defense attorney, profoundly unserious Joe DiGenova told Fox News viewers that not only should Trump stop cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia investigation, even if that meant pleading the fifth. But DiGenova denounced the Republican prosecutor by claiming he had surrounded himself with "legal terrorists."

"It is now clear that Mueller is acting in bad faith, that he has surrounded himself with, literally, a bunch of legal terrorists," DiGenova warned Fox News viewers Wednesday night.

Comparing U.S. federal prosecutors to members of ISIS is the latest pathetic swipe in a seemingly never-ending string of attacks as Trump and his radical allies wage a relentless, ugly and desperate war against law enforcement, all in the name of defending their corrupt leader.

For Republican operatives like DiGenova to go after Mueller, who is not only a lifelong Republican but a former Marine and the former director of the FBI, illustrates just how panicked and unhinged the White House has become as it wages its scorched earth campaign and tries to turn Mueller's federal prosecutors into symbols of corruption and evil in America.

DiGenova also said Trump should utterly stiff-arm the legal process because investigators were trying to catch him in a "perjury trap."

"The president should refuse to cooperate with them completely — not more documents, no testimony and if necessary he should also take the Fifth Amendment," DiGenova said.

It's astonishing to think that someone as unmoored as DiGenova was almost hired to represent the president of the United States. Plus, if hired, DiGenova would have been in charge of negotiating with Mueller and his team with regards to a sit-down interview with Trump.

DiGenova was supposed to have replaced John Dowd, who last month abruptly resigned as Trump's chief defense attorney out of frustration with Trump's refusal to heed legal advice. Dowd is a well-known and respected figure within in the elite circles of Washington, D.C. law, and kept a relatively low profile during his time defending Trump.

DiGenova, on the other hand, is seen as a partisan hack and Fox News publicity hound. He's also someone who traffics in constant lies and misinformation.

During the 2016 campaign, DiGenova loudly announced that Hillary Clinton wouldn’t be able to complete the race because she’d be indicted before Election Day for the “numerous federal crimes” she committed while using a private email server as secretary of state.

Now it's Trump allies who are trying to dodge possible indictments.