Joe Scarborough to complicit GOP: You're 'pathetic'


The conservative MSNBC host didn't mince words when it comes to Republicans in Congress who refuse to stand up to Donald Trump's abuses of power.

Donald Trump reacted to the indictments of his campaign officials in the Russia investigation exactly how anyone would expect him to — by potentially committing obstruction of justice, obsessing about Hillary Clinton, and throwing tantrums on Twitter by threatening anyone he could think of, like the Department of Justice, the FBI, and democracy.

Trump has vanishingly little concern for the rule of law or the norms of his office. As he himself bluntly told Fox News, "I'm the only one that matters."

If Republicans in Congress were willing to put country over party and hold their president accountable for his flagrant violations of ethics and basic decency, perhaps Trump's worst impulses could be corralled.

But for too many in the GOP, ramming their dangerous agenda through is more important than respecting the norms of the office of the presidency, or even of our democracy as a whole.

Rather than step up to protect special counsel Robert Mueller from attacks, the GOP is focused on getting their tax scam passed no matter how much they have to lie about it.

One prominent conservative voice summed it up well. MSNBC's Joe Scarborough slammed Republicans who display a marked disinterest in honoring the Constitution they usually claim to love:

The idea that Republicans are more concerned with getting tax cuts for billionaires than they are about holding a foreign adversary accountable for its attacks on our country — or holding their president accountable for his possible collusion and subsequent cover-ups — is appalling and exceedingly worrying.

If only it were surprising.

Republicans cannot claim to love a country that they so openly do not care about defending from hostile infiltration. And it is indeed pathetic for them to be more afraid of upsetting Trump and wealthy donors than they are of further attacks on our democracy. SaveSave SaveSave