GOP congressman pushes 'Grinch Act' to stop 'cancel culture' that doesn't exist


Rep. John Joyce claims a 'woke horde' is after Dr. Seuss, though facts tell another story.

Rep. John Joyce (R-PA) appeared on Fox News on Friday to promote his proposed legislation, the "GRINCH Act," which would prevent the government from funding efforts to "censor" children's literature, even though that's not occurring.

GRINCH is an acronym created by Joyce, standing for "Guarding Readers' Independence and Choice."

"As we have seen time and time again, the 'woke' horde will target just about anyone, even Dr. Seuss. No American taxpayer should be forced to participate in this scheme against their will," Joyce wrote in a press release announcing his initiative.

On Fox News, Joyce amplified this claim, remarking, "the cancel culture is rapidly attacking our American institutions."

"No one is safe from the work culture, not even Dr. Seuss," he added.

The purported "woke horde" has not targeted the works of Dr. Seuss.

The company that publishes Seuss; books made a decision of its own accord to cease production of titles with material it said "portray[s] people in ways that are hurtful and wrong."

The books in question contain racist drawings of Asian and Black people, content which Joyce did not address in his release or on Fox News.

On Fox, Joyce appeared to acknowledge that despite the supposedly powerful "cancel culture," he had no problems accessing Seuss' work at his local library.

"Yesterday, Dana [Perino] I was in one of those libraries, they took me into the children's section and showed me the shelf full of Dr. Seuss books," Joyce noted.

Joyce's proposed legislation is the latest salvo in the Republican attempt to blame the "cancelation" of children's icons like Dr. Seuss and Potato Head on Democrats and the left.

These baseless campaigns have taken over the party as it has been unsuccessful in preventing passage of the American Rescue Plan and fumbles in its efforts to tamp down President Biden's popularity.

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