John Kerry: Trump is a 'blooper reel' when he travels overseas


John Kerry called out Donald Trump's embarrassing international behavior.

Former Secretary of State John Kerry called out Donald Trump's numerous failures on the global stage during a primetime address at Tuesday's Democratic National Convention.

From withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord to abandoning the World Health Organization in the middle of a pandemic, Trump has repeatedly abandoned America's traditional allies.

At the same time, Trump has coddled dictators such as Russia's Vladimir Putin and North Korea's Kim Jung Un.

Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004 and President Barack Obama's second secretary of state, compared Trump's behavior to the previous administration.

Hi, I'm John Kerry. For the eight years of the Obama-Biden administration, we led by example.


We eliminated the threat of an Iran with a nuclear weapon. We built a 68-nation coalition to destroy ISIS. We forged 195-nation agreement to attack climate change. We stopped Ebola before it became a pandemic.


Donald Trump inherited a growing economy and a more peaceful world.


And like everything else he inherited, he bankrupted it.


When this president goes overseas, it isn't a goodwill mission; it's a blooper reel. He breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators.


America deserves a president who is looked up to, not laughed at.


Donald Trump pretends Russia didn't attack our elections. And now he does nothing about Russia putting a bounty on our troops.


So he won't defend our country. He doesn't know how to defend our troops. The only person he's interested in defending is himself.


This is the bottom line: Our interests, our ideals, and our brave men and women in uniform can't afford four more years of Donald Trump.


Our troops can't get out of harm's way by hiding in the White House bunker.


They need a president who will stand up for them, and President Biden will.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.