Civil rights icon John Lewis endorses Aftab Pureval: He's 'ready to fight the fight'


While Steve Chabot campaigned with the racist-in-chief, his opponent was being endorsed by legendary Rep. John Lewis.

While Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) spent his weekend standing by Trump as he praised confederate General Robert E. Lee, Democrat Aftab Pureval stood with civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), and received a powerful endorsement.

At a "Rock Your Vote" rally in Avondale, Ohio, Sunday, Lewis spoke about growing up so poor that his family could only afford burial insurance, and could not afford to get sick.

"President Obama and the Democratic members of the Congress gave us the Affordable Care Act," Lewis said, then turned to Pureval and added, "This young brother will stand up and support the [Affordable Care] Act. Vote for it. Fight for it. And that's why we need him in the Congress today."

"He's smart, strong, young, and ready to fight the fight," Lewis continued. "I believe in standing up. And I believe in standing with people who will stand up and be brave, bold, and courageous."

Aftab Pureval has promised to support Obamacare's protections for people with preexisting conditions, while Chabot has repeatedly voted to gut them, and to strip health care away from millions of Americans. Trump policies that Chabot supports will force families in the district to pay thousands of dollars in higher premiums.

At the same rally, Pureval deepened the contrast with his opponent by slamming Chabot for sucking up to Trump at Friday's rally, instead of calling Trump out for praising a confederate general.

"Our Representative, Steve Chabot, did he call him out... for celebrating a man like Lee?" Pureval asked. "No, he praised him. He said a vote for Chabot is a vote for Trump. That's exactly right. A vote for Chabot is a vote for Trump."

Pureval also promised to fight for "real criminal justice reform in our communities," and to protect the right to vote.

Health care is among the most important issues in this election, and Pureval is on the right side of that issue. But as Rep. John Lewis' endorsement shows, he is also on the right side of history, while Chabot is siding with Trump and Robert E. Lee.