“The judge is lying.” Alabama's most conservative news outlet just turned on Roy Moore


Accused sexual predator Roy Moore just lost one of his last defenders.

Things just went from bad to worse for GOP Senate candidate and accused sexual predator Roy Moore.

YellowHammer News, one of Alabama's most conservative news outlets, has been among the most staunch defenders of the GOP candidate. After the first allegations of sexual misconduct against Moore surfaced last week, YellowHammer jumped to his defense, encouraging their readers not to join the "frenzied attack" on Moore.

But now, as the allegations continue to pile up, even YellowHammer can't defend the Alabama politician.

In a stunning turnaround, J. Pepper Bryars — the same YellowHammer writer who penned multiple articles defending Moore and calling the accusations against him a political hit job — wrote on Wednesday that he has come to a conclusion about Moore.

"[T]he judge is lying, and the accusers are telling the truth," Bryars wrote.

YellowHammer's sudden change of heart comes on a night when four additional women stepped forward to accuse Moore of sexual misconduct, bringing the total number of accusers to eight.

The allegations against Moore range from inappropriate sexual advances involving underage girls to sexual assault resulting in physical injury.

Since the first reports surfaced last week, Moore has lost the support of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Republican National Committee, and most leaders of the Republican party including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Some GOP lawmakers, however, continue to offer their conditional support. Notably, Donald Trump has not weighed in on the controversy, likely because it hits a little too close for him.

But now, with Alabama's most conservative news outlet abandoning ship, Moore's campaign for Senate may be sunk permanently.