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Republican Georgia governor candidate claims a 'Satanic regime' controls the world

Georgia candidate Kandiss Taylor has made a conspiracy theory pushed by Alex Jones central to her campaign.

By Oliver Willis - May 02, 2022
Kandiss Taylor campaign ad

Kandiss Taylor, a Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, released a campaign ad on Monday claiming that a Satanic “New World Order” has taken over the world.

Taylor’s ad was released along with a tweet touting her candidacy to “stand up to the Luciferian Cabal” and “bring the Satanic Regime to its knees.” Taylor’s ad attacked both COVID-19 vaccines and abortion rights, claiming both are part of a vast conspiracy of “human sacrifice” for “demonic worship.”

In the ad, Taylor also called for the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, a series of stone slabs that were erected in Nuberg, Georgia, in 1980. The stones, which call for an undefined “Age of Reason,” have been repeatedly attacked by conspiracy theorists in the past. In 2008, the right-wing conspiracy theorist and talk show host Alex Jones referred to the monument as “a cold testament to the elites’ sacred mission.”

The ad concludes with Taylor describing herself as fighting in “a war between good and evil.”

Taylor is running for the Republican nomination against Georgia’s incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp. Also running against Kemp is former Sen. David Perdue, who has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and who lost his 2021 Senate reelection bid to now-Sen. Jon Ossoff (D-GA).

Taylor has run unsuccessfully for Senate twice before, including the 2020-21 special election in Georgia where she only received 0.82% of the vote in the first round of voting.

She sums up her long-shot bid for governor with three issues — “Jesus, guns, and babies” — and has argued against the separation of church and state.

“Don’t talk to me about separation of church and state. Church and state was written because the state has no business in our church. But we are the church. We are the church, and we run the state,” Taylor said in an April speech before the Georgia Republican Assembly.

Echoing attacks from other Republicans, Taylor has also attacked the concept of critical race theory, the academic discussion of the impact of racism in America. She told WTOC-TV in April that “we have a huge issue with critical race theory teaching oppression to our children and teaching racial division.”

In the same interview, Taylor attacked the concept of “social-emotional learning,” which is curricula designed to help students manage their emotions, falsely describing it as “communism” that “kills their passion and the American dream.”

Taylor isn’t the only candidate in the race who has espoused conspiracy theories. Perdue has falsely claimed that the 2020 election was stolen by the Democratic Party in favor of President Joe Biden.

Former Minority Leader of the Georgia House and activist Stacey Abrams is the only Democrat currently running in the party’s gubernatorial primary.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.

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