Katy Tur nails Trump's weekly meltdowns: It's about Mueller


NBC's Katy Tur hit the nail on the head in her assessment of Trump's increasingly unhinged behavior.

NBC's Katy Tur hit the nail on the head in her assessment of Trump's frequent meltdowns: It's all about Robert Mueller.

Because as Mueller is closing in, Trump is breaking down.

The disastrous week for Trump began with a fresh attack on his own attorney general. And it ended with a reckless and hasty announcement that could spark a disastrous trade war.

And on "Meet the Press" Sunday morning, longtime Trump beat reporter Katy Tur zeroed in on the cause of Trump's unhinged behavior.

"At the bottom of every one of these scandals every week is the Mueller investigation," Tur told host Chuck Todd. "And that's what's setting him off again."

"The Mueller headlines this week alone were staggering," Tur added. "I was on one of them. Donald Trump witnesses are now being questioned about whether Donald Trump himself knew about the Democratic emails, the hacked Democratic emails before the public did."

Headlines like those show that "[Trump] himself is still being investigated for coordination," she added.

And one of the biggest concerns now is what happens the next time Trump gets frustrated.

"What other things is he going to try to do?"

In addition to asking what Trump knew and when he knew it, the FBI is reportedly looking into Ivanka Trump's business dealings. And Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner finally lost his security clearance this week.

And as Tur noted, Trump's reaction to this kind of pressure escalated sharply with a rash decision that could have serious consequences worldwide.

Americans shouldn't have to wonder and worry about the consequences of Trump's next meltdown. Mueller's investigation may be causing Trump to fray. Yet it may also spare the nation and the world further damage from Trump's unhinged behavior.