McEnany: Trump is 'appalled' the show 'Cops' was canceled


Television networks have been reevaluating programs that inaccurately depict police work in the wake of nationwide protests.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Friday that Donald Trump is "appalled" by the cancellation of television shows "Paw Patrol," "Cops," and "Live PD."

"Paw Patrol," a children's cartoon, has not been canceled, despite repeated insistence from Republicans that it has been. The claim is based on jokes that circulated on social media.

After nationwide protests of police violence against Black people, television networks have been reevaluating their airing of programs that involve idealized depictions of law enforcement.

From the July 24 White House press briefing:

KAYLEIGH McENANY: He's also appalled by cancel culture, and cancel culture specifically as it pertains to cops. We saw a few weeks ago that "Paw Patrol," a cartoon show about cops, was canceled, the show "Cops" was canceled, "Live PD" was canceled. Lego halted the sales of their Lego City Police Station.


It's really unfortunate, because I stand with, and the president stands with, the 63% of Americans who think police officers are one of the most important jobs in this country. That's 63%.

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