McEnany makes up weird new claim about 'Tiger King' to attack Pelosi


She's accusing the House speaker of not focusing on passing a relief bill that Democrats actually passed 200 days ago.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Tuesday attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for purportedly focusing on the television show "Tiger King" instead of on financial relief for people affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the House of Representatives passed a relief bill 200 days ago. The legislation has been blocked by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has not allowed the Senate to vote on it even as the economic situation worsens.

Pelosi "has been fundamentally unserious in a way that's irresponsible and quite frankly disgusting," McEnany said during an interview with Fox News.

According to McEnany, when Pelosi brought the House back in session, she focused on "legalizing marijuana" and "going after 'Tiger King'" instead of "focusing on the American people and the relief that's needed."

In reality, the House passed the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act on May 15. That legislation would provide direct stimulus checks to millions of Americans, along with funds earmarked for local governments suffering due to the economic downturn caused by the virus.

By contrast, proposals offered up by the Republican-led Senate have not included direct payments or local aid. They have included provisions that would prevent workers from suing their employers if they get sick on the job.

Instead of passing the HEROES Act, McConnell has focused the Senate on continuing to pack the federal courts with conservative judges nominated by Donald Trump, some of whom have in been rated unqualified for the positions.

McEnany also claimed that Trump has been involved in virus relief, but he has mostly avoided the public since losing the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden, while constantly tweeting out conspiracy theories about voter fraud and falsely claiming that he won.

From the Dec. 1 edition of "Fox & Friends":

AINSLEY EARHARDT, Fox News: People need help. What's the latest?


KAYLEIGH McENANY: Yeah, what's the latest is Joe Manchin needs to go have a discussion with Nancy Pelosi, who has been fundamentally unserious in a way that's irresponsible and quite frankly disgusting.


That she resumes the House, puts the House back in session and what are the bills she puts forward? About legalizing marijuana, about going after "Tiger King," and regulating the use of tigers instead of focusing on the American people and the relief that's needed. Her stimulus bill was chock-full of guess what? Mail-in voting regulations to try to secure Democrat power in the halls of Congress.


While this president said, "Nancy Pelosi, you won't negotiate with me, well, guess what? I'll do protections from evictions, I'll do more funding for unemployment insurance via executive order."


He's been serious, while Nancy Pelosi has been derelicting in her duty. She does not deserve to be speaker ever again.

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