Kellyanne Conway accidentally pressures Trump on live TV to testify under oath


Kellyanne Conway actually made a great argument, for a change.

Donald Trump and his surrogates are trying their desperate best to prop up the Republicans' the already-discredited and widely-mocked FBI smear memo.

But Trump's his favorite spokesperson tripped herself up in that effort badly Sunday morning.

During an interview with "Fox & Friends Sunday," White House counselor Kellyanne Conway spent several minutes spewing talking points about the memo, but hit a snag when she was asked about the prospect of a rebuttal memo being released.


"I support that as well," Conway told host Pete Hegseth. "In other words, if the Schiff memo comes forward, then go ahead."

Conway then made an ironclad argument for her boss to testify under oath, telling Hegseth, "We're for transparency, but look, you can't argue this not under oath, through the cable TV wars, and that's what's happening."

"People are going on saying things that are simply not true, hoping they will come true," she added, in a statement that could easily be applied to Trump himself and his fantasy that the memo "vindicates" him.

Trump has waffled repeatedly on whether or not he would testify for special counsel Robert Mueller under oath, but for once, Conway is absolutely right. Trump — or Rep. Devin Nunes, or any number of Trump's accomplices — can say whatever they want on Twitter or cable news, or in dishonest smear memos.

The only way to hold Trump accountable is for him to testify under oath, where his lies really will matter. It seems Conway understands that. Now she ought to convince her boss of it, too.