Kellyanne Conway attacks Democrats' patriotism: “They say Russia more than America”


Democrats are defending our democracy from an attack by a hostile foreign power. Yet right out of the Republican playbook, Kellyanne Conway is attacking their patriotism.

Kellyanne Conway is tired of being held accountable for her boss and his actions. And her attempts to deflect from that accountability are becoming more vicious.

In a recent interview, she tried to discredit serious concerns about Donald Trump's ties to Russia by complaining that the media should focus on terrorism instead. "Imagine if the mainstream media, every time they said Russia, said ISIS," Conway said. "Every time they said Twitter, they said terrorists, how different it might be."

(It's worth remembering that Conway once went so far as to make up a terrorist attack to accuse the media of failing to cover it.)

Now she's trying a new tack, attacking Democrats who are pursuing the investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election as unpatriotic.

CONWAY: The Democrats, now they basically say the word Russia more than they say 'America.' They are obsessive about this. They are obstructionist. And they are going to have to go home and face their constituents at some point, when they say 'What was your message?' They have no message. No direction. No leader. No compunction whatsoever to try to cooperate with this White House.

At a recent Senate hearing, former CIA Director John Brennan passionately explained why it's so important for all Americans not only to care about Russia's interference, but also that it's "something that we need to, with every last ounce of devotion to this country, resist."

And former FBI Director James Comey warned that Russia is "coming after America, which I hope we all love equally."

Democrats on both the House and Senate committees investigating Russian interference have repeatedly explained that it is not about relitigating the election, or partisan politics — it's about understanding a threat and defending our democracy.

Intelligence officials are deeply concerned about Russia's attack on our democracy. Democrats in Congress are concerned. And the American people are concerned.

In fact, the only ones who seem unconcerned are Trump, who shows no interest in the matter, and his associates, like Conway.

Worse, the Trump administration continues to give comfort to Vladimir Putin by shamelessly starting to undo the sanctions put in place to punish Russia.

Out of love of country, Democrats and the American people will continue to seek the truth about Trump and Russia. Shameless attacks on their patriotism will only embolden that pursuit.