Kellyanne Conway claims black voters like Trump. They really don't.


Less than a third of black voters actually approve of the job Trump is doing, but for some reason, Kellyanne Conway thinks that's something to brag about.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway defended Trump's latest attack on a prominent black person by claiming that African Americans "like what he's doing for them."

On Tuesday morning's edition of "America's Newsroom," CNN anchor Bill Hemmer read Trump's recent tweet, in which he called former White House senior adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman a "dog."

"Is that language necessary?" Hemmer asked Conway.

Instead of giving the correct answer — no, of course that language is not necessary — Conway said she was "disappointed" in the woman Trump spent his morning attacking.

"The best play for Omarosa would have been to take credit for a lot of the great things Donald Trump has done for this country," Conway said, "including for African Americans."

Conway then cited things like the drop in black unemployment that occurred mostly under President Obama.

And then she bragged about Trump's approval rating with African Americans.

"Now, in one poll, it's up to 29 percent," Conway said. "Why? Because they know he's doing well for them."

The truth is that a 29 percent approval rating is nothing to brag about. It's an abysmal rating for any politician, with any group.

But the poll she cites is from Rasmussen, a pollster that is a consistent outlier in Republicans' favor. For example, Rasmussen currently pegs Trump's overall approval 11 points higher than Gallup's widely respected tracking poll.

Other polls show Trump's rating with black voters is even lower than the sad 29 percent that Conway brags about. In a new YouGov survey, Trump's approval rating with black Americans is just 8 percent. A Reuters poll has him at 12.6 percent with black voters.

Those numbers are about a match for the 8 percent of black voters who threw the lever for Trump on Election Day.

But even if this Rasmussen poll were accurate, it's still nothing to brag about — especially while Trump is in the middle of a prolific streak of vicious attacks on prominent black Americans.

In just the past 10 days, Trump has insulted NBA legend LeBron James, CNN anchor Don Lemon, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), and Omarosa, calling them "dumb" and saying they have low IQs. In July, he attacked Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for Georgia governor, by saying that she "loves crime."

These attacks are part of a lifelong pattern for Trump.

Meanwhile, he has done little for Americans beyond slowing the economic progress that our first black president, President Barack Obama, achieved. His dismal approval ratings — with black Americans and everyone else — reflect that.

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.