Kellyanne Conway concedes she broke law by endorsing an alleged pedophile


Kellyanne Conway refuses to say whether Trump punished her for the violation.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway conceded she violated the Hatch Act by endorsing accused child molester Roy Moore, but wouldn't say what consequences she'll face.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Conway at Wednesday's press briefing, but in an interview with Fox News' Bill Hemmer Thursday morning Conway did not dispute Hemmer's declaration that she "made an endorsement" during the Alabama special election race.

"You were in the news and made an endorsement for the Alabama senate race several months ago, and ultimately it's the president's call whether or not you're punished for this and whatever punishment will or will not come from this," Hemmer said, asking "Have you met the president on this, and is there a final word on that?"

"We have spoken about this," Conway said, but refused to comment on what Trump told her.

"Has the president told you what he desires from this?" Hemmer followed up.

"I won't reveal my private conversations with the president, except for which he'd like for me to speak about publicly," Conway replied, implying that Trump did not give her permission to share the information.

"So, no punishment given?" Hemmer asked.

"I didn't say that," Conway replied, but still refused to divulge the answer.

Whether Trump punished her or not, Conway's silence is outrageous. She didn't make her multiple endorsements of alleged child molester Roy Moore inprivate, she made them on the North Lawn of the People's House, and the people are owed an explanation.

But Trump owes them an explanation, as well. Conway will be campaigning for anti-puppy House candidate Rick Saccone later on Thursday, but in January Trump used an official White House event to campaign for Saccone, according to Trump's own Twitter feed.

Trump and Conway should be held accountable for violating the public's trust, but for now, that accountability will have to come from the voters.