Kellyanne Conway calls critic of Trump's sexual assault a 'complete jackass' at women's summit


A woman demanded to know why Kellyanne Conway is working for an admitted sexual predator. Conway’s response was to smear her as a "complete jackass" who just wanted to "go viral."

As women all around the country continue to open the floodgates and take down the powerful men who have used their positions to sexually assault subordinates in media, entertainment, and politics, one man remains conspicuously unpunished for his wrongdoing — the man in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump has faced over a dozen accusations of inappropriate touching, harrassment, and assault, and boasted about it on tape, and yet his inner circle fiercely defend him, including White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

Conway has gone to bat for Trump before, in truly repugnant fashion, and seems willfully ignorant of the hypocrisy involved in shilling for him while lashing out at others accused of similar acts.

During Conway's interview at Politico’s Women Rule event with Anna Palmer, activist and organizer Melissa Byrne demanded to know why Conway was working Trump given his record toward women.

Conway's response was flippant and vile:

HECKLER: Kellyanne, your boss grabs women —

PALMER: Excuse me, we’re going to have a — I just want to say —

CONWAY: She just wants to go viral.

PALMER: Yeah it’s fine, but I really do want to say that, we’re here to have a dialogue, and Kellyanne —

CONWAY: [To heckler] But just remember, you didn’t get the question out of your mouth.

HECKLER: I got the question out of my mouth. Your boss grabs women by the pussy! Why do you work for him?

PALMER: So, I want — I want — ma’am? We really — okay, so. We are here to — Kellyanne and I are going to have a conversation, and hopefully we’ll be illuminating to everyone here. So, one thing I did want to talk about, that is not, and I apologize for that, is —

CONWAY: By the way, you don’t have to remove her on my account. I very much believe in the First Amendment. And I think anybody has a right to sound like a complete jackass if they'd like to.

AUDIENCE: [boos and hisses]

Some people might consider a "complete jackass" to be a man who boasts about using his celebrity status to take advantage of women, or perhaps someone who defends such a man.

But Conway clearly does not share that view.

If Conway is only going to use her position to put down other women who want the truth about Trump — during a summit called "Women Rule," no less — then she should ask herself why she even got into politics, especially at the side of a man who used to repulse her just as much as he does the woman in that audience.