Kellyanne Conway can't name a single Trump accomplishment


A picture is worth a thousand words, or zero accomplishments.

Former President Barack Obama has gotten deep under the Trump administration's skin by pointing out the strength of the economy that he left for Donald Trump, and the strain is starting to show.

On Monday morning, White House counselor and "alternative facts" inventor Kellyanne Conway resorted to some fairly desperate measures to ignore the truth that Trump's greatest accomplishment has been to sit in the corner and watch Obama's policies succeed.

During an interview on "Fox & Friends," Conway was asked about President Obama's recent comments, and could only respond with the strangest of history lessons, suggested the United States enjoyed a booming economy right up until Obama became president.


The fact is that President Obama saved the economy from a Republican catastrophe, and handed Trump an economy that was on a record streak of job creation that has weakened under Trump. Three million more Americans voted to continue those Democratic policies than voted for Trump.

Then, with her characteristic lack of self-awareness, Conway tried to mock the Democrats over a lack of accomplishments, but only managed to highlight the fact that she couldn't name any of Trump's, promising that an extensive list is in the mail:

This will drive the haters crazy this morning, lying in bed watching us. Everybody says 'What are the Trump accomplishments?' Those are lengthy, and we'll be putting them out soon. Here are the Democratic Party's accomplishments, go ahead and make it viral, haters.

As we already know, props are not Kellyanne Conway's friends — and that blank piece of paper is a pure projection of the Trump administration's lack of governing competence. Even Conway herself could only chalk up the current GDP growth to anticipation over passage of the Republican tax scam, which is still not a done deal.

Trump's only other tangible "achievement," the theft of a Supreme Court seat from President Obama, actually belongs to Mitch McConnell.

But the frustrated Trump agenda is a de facto compendium of Democratic Party accomplishments, as Trump and the Republicans have spent the better part of his first year trying to undo the Affordable Care Act, the Iran nuclear deal, Obama-era civil rights protections, and with the tax bill, the Democrats' rescue of the economy from Republican incompetence.

With Republicans holding the White House and majorities in both Houses of Congress, the fact that Trump has achieved so little is testament to the effectiveness of the Democrats as a minority party, and more importantly, to the citizens who have resisted Trump's agenda.