Kellyanne Conway hasn't been on TV in a week, isn't even trying to clean up Trump's mess


Donald Trump's presidency is collapsing around him as he stubbornly continues to defend white supremacists and other neo-Nazis, but his most visible defender in the media, Kellyanne Conway, has gone silent.

Throughout Donald Trump's time in the White House, top aide Kellyanne Conway has been a ubiquitous face in the media, defending Trump with a cavalcade of lies, innuendo, and misleading statements.

But since Trump began melting down as he completely embraces white supremacy and racial hatred, Conway has noticeably been missing from the airwaves.

The only Conway appearance since the terrorist attack in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been in puppet form as "Kellyanne Conway" addressed the controversy on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Conway, after all, has a history of speaking out about domestic terrorism. She complained that the media didn't cover "the Bowling Green massacre," arguing that coverage of Trump's Muslim travel ban ignored the incident.

Of course, there was no such massacre.

It is telling, though, that Conway jumped in front of the cameras to complain about it, but hasn't done so with the Charlottesville attack, which was very real and deadly. She spoke up far more over fake terrorism than the real thing.

Her last major public appearance was in an awkward press conference alongside Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price at Trump's New Jersey golf club, discussing the opioid crisis.

Two days before, Conway had been in classic form, yelling to ABC's George Stephanopoulos about the Benghazi attack in order to deflect from serial lies Trump has told about his involvement with Russia.

Trump has, in the meantime, been busy eroding his already tarnished brand, arguing that there are "many sides" to domestic terrorism and lamenting the removal of "beautiful" statues erected to celebrate slavery defenders.

Yet his front-line media defender, Conway, has been out of the fray. She has not even appeared on "Fox & Friends," the very safe space for Trump surrogates, where she can usually be seen multiple times a week.

Even on Twitter, Conway has not posted anything for days. The most recent missive was a comment about Trump outpolling Congress. She seems to believe Trump's approval rating dropping into the 30s is good news.

She has little to add to the conversation, and is a master of invoking inane responses and talking points to divert from unflattering issues, but her absence at a major crisis point for Trump is extremely notable.

Is Conway on the sidelines, pushed aside by Trump's ego? Or is she joining other Republicans in avoiding the press as Trump continues to validate the concerns expressed by millions of Americans at the ballot box?

Why has the tribune of the Bowling Green Massacre suddenly gone silent?