Even Kellyanne Conway doesn't want Hope Hicks' terrible job


"I've been offered that job many times ... "

Kellyanne Conway is willing to do a lot for Trump, but she won't take over the job that was just vacated by Hope Hicks.

Trump's White House was rocked Wednesday by the news that communications director Hope Hicks is resigning, just one day after admitting to Congress that she tells "white lies" on Trump's behalf.

On "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway couldn't really explain Hicks' departure, instead spending several minutes praising her.

"Kellyanne, she's going to be very hard to replace, have you thought about it, have they offered you to take that job?" co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Conway.

"I've been offered that job many times," Conway replied. "And, no, I work on policy here at the White House. You're right, it will be very difficult to replace Hope Hicks in the 'Hope' role."

Perhaps Conway correctly thinks that for a job requiring "white lies," she is immensely overqualified.

But there's much more to Hicks' departure than meets the eye. While Trump was reportedly furious with Hicks over the "white lies" comment, her departure also follows her involvement in the Rob Porter domestic abuse cover-up.

Hicks was also heavily involved in Trump's cover-up of the Russian collusion meeting with top campaign officials, including Don Jr., Jared Kushner, and indicted former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. She's also implicated in emails about collusion between Don Jr. and Wikileaks.

Hicks may have been considering her departure for a long time, but the timing suggests her grilling by Congress may have pushed her over the edge.

New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, who has had extensive background conversations on the subject of Hicks, pointed out Thursday morning, "Every day that she's at the White House is a day that she's got more legal exposure, so at a certain point, why would you do that to yourself?"

Hope Hicks' resignation answers that question, but the bigger question for Trump's White House now is who else will want to do that to themselves? Not even Kellyanne Conway will.