Kellyanne brags Trump's wall is funded right before he whines it isn't


Nobody knows what Trump wants, including the woman who's supposed to tell us what Trump wants.

For someone who reportedly may be forced to take the job of White House communications director, Kellyanne Conway doesn't seem to communicate very well with Trump.

In the kind of monumental talking point car wreck that only this dysfunctional White House could pull off, Conway appeared on CNN Friday morning and bragged about how Congress was funding the racist border wall Trump wants to build along the southern U.S. border.

Then less than an hour later, Trump made her look like a fool.

Conway's boast on CNN was clear: Trump's team is getting things done, and Congress is bending to his will.

"That's why the omnibus [bill] got through," she said, referring to the massive spending bill that now awaits Trump's signature. "That's why we now have funding for the wall. ... This town was mocking the wall two years ago. Now they're funding it."

Then exactly 55 minutes later, Trump, apparently taking his cues by watching "Fox & Friends," announced on Twitter that he might veto the mandatory spending bill because — wait for it — there's very little funding for his wall.

"I am considering a VETO of the Omnibus Spending Bill based on the fact that the 800,000 plus DACA recipients have been totally abandoned by the Democrats (not even mentioned in Bill) and the BORDER WALL, which is desperately needed for our National Defense, is not fully funded," Trump tweeted.

Funding for the government expires at midnight on Friday, March 23. If Trump vetoes the bill, that means another government shutdown.

Did we mention Republicans control the House, the Senate, and the White House, and we may be facing a shutdown because Republicans leaders in Congress have no idea what Trump wants?

In the Friday battle of Conway versus Trump border wall talking points, who's right?

In this instance, it's Trump who's dealing more with reality than Conway. Because it's a fact that the spending bill approved by Congress delivers a stinging slap in the face to Trump's idea of building a massive wall. It's a barrier Trump promised for more than a year that Mexico would pay for. (Mexico is not paying for it.)

There's a reason the Washington Post singled out "Trump border wall promise" as being one of the big "losers" in the new spending bill.

"The president wanted $25 billion of funding for the project. He only got $1.6 billion to construct defenses on the U.S.-Mexico border, but most of the money is earmarked for specific projects that would have probably gone forward even if Hillary Clinton was president," the Post reports.

Trump rage-tweeted that the wall isn't being "fully funded." In truth, it's being barely funded at all.

His fantasy border wall seems to have become a rare example of bipartisan contempt among most members of Congress.