Watch Kentuckians boo their unpopular GOP governor: 'You're terrible!'


Kentucky's Republican governor, Matt Bevin, did not get a friendly welcome at this weekend's Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin is the most unpopular governor in the entire country. And his constituents' disdain for his leadership was on display during the Kentucky Derby, in which Bevin got booed multiple times throughout the day's festivities.

During a parade through Louisville ahead of the Derby — a beloved tradition in the Bluegrass State — Bevin was mercilessly booed by people in the stands.

"You're terrible, boo!" one woman in the video can be seen shouting at Bevin, who is walking down the street clad in a hot pink blazer.

Bevin was booed again while handing out the trophy to the Derby winner, the owner of Country Horse.

Only 33% of Kentucky residents approve of the job Bevin is doing as governor, while 52% disapprove. He's the only governor in the entire United States whose job performance is disapproved of by more than half of the state's residents.

It's unclear what exactly has led to Bevin's deep unpopularity, but he has embarrassed himself and sparked statewide outcry on a number of occasions.

These incidents include an attack on teachers who were striking to demand better benefits. Bevin baselessly accused teachers of allowing children to be sexually assaulted because they were on the picket line.

Earlier this year, Bevin also whined about having to give students a day off of school when temperatures reached dangerously cold levels, saying kids these days are "going soft."

Bevin has also made repeated attempts to kick Kentuckians off of the state's Medicaid program, including by instituting work requirements.

His unpopularity has Republicans — including some in the White House — terrified that he could lose re-election later this year, despite being located in a deeply Republican state.

In an attempt to boost his flagging popularity, Bevin aired a one-minute-long positive ad during the Kentucky Derby, in which he touts his ties to Trump.

But given the chorus of boos he received over the weekend, Bevin needs a lot more than an ad to fix the mess he's put himself in.

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