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GOP House leader's spending is up 33,000% at Trump properties since the election

McCarthy defended GOP spending at Trump properties on Tuesday.

By Oliver Willis - September 12, 2019
Kevin McCarthy

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has ramped up his spending at Donald Trump’s properties by several thousand percentage points in the last few years.

Reports of the accelerated spending came after McCarthy downplayed concerns about federal dollars being spent at Trump’s property in Ireland.

In the 10 years that he served in Congress before Trump won the 2016 election, McCarthy spent only $743.93 at Trump’s businesses, according to FEC filings examined by 1100 Pennsylvania.

But after Trump won things significantly changed.

“Since Trump was elected president, however, McCarthy’s campaign, leadership PAC, and joint fundraising committees have spent a combined $245,884.44 at Trump properties—an increase of almost 33,000 percent,” the site noted.

Because of Trump’s refusal to divest from his holdings, McCarthy’s spending will help Trump’s personal bottom line because spending at Trump properties personally enriches him.

McCarthy defended the arrangement on Tuesday when he was asked about Mike Pence’s stay at Trump’s resort in Doonbeg, Ireland — nearly 200 miles away from where he held meetings with the Irish government.

“The president’s resorts are hotels that he owns. People are traveling. It’s just like any other hotel,” said McCarthy. “I don’t know that it’s different from anything else. Is it different that if I go and stay at a Marriott here or eat at the Trump?”

Despite McCarthy’s dismissal of the issue, a congressional investigation has been triggered amid reports that at least $600,000 in tax dollars were spent to accommodate Pence’s unusual travel arrangements.

Trump’s properties have attracted funds from private industry, foreign governments, and party committees, creating a mix of conflicts and ethical concerns. McCarthy’s money is now clearly a part of the “swamp.”

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