GOP leader claims Trump prefers hanging out with workers over the wealthy


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy absurdly suggested that Donald Trump mostly avoids rich people.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy claimed on Monday that Donald Trump much prefers to hang out with blue-collar workers over wealthy people.

In a Fox News segment on the "elitist left," McCarthy (R-CA) attempted to present Trump as someone who would rather interact with ordinary people than rich elites.

"If you ever go on a project with him, where he's building a building, he is more in contact with those who are building it than who's buying it. That's the uniqueness about him," he said. "He'd rather hang out with everyone who builds the building than whoever buys the room from him."


Just days before, Trump had held a $580,600-per-couple campaign fundraising event with some of his richest friends.

On Saturday, Trump was the "guest of honor" at the home of billionaire investor Nelson Peltz for a reelection fundraiser. The other attendees contributed more than $580,000 per couple to attend the Palm Beach, Florida, dinner. The Washington Post described it as "the most expensive such fundraising event since Trump took office," and noted that its guest list included several wealthy Trump friends.

But this was nothing unusual for Trump, who has spent much of his three years in office avoiding the White House and hanging out at his own resorts.

More than 100 days have been spent at his exclusive Mar-a-Lago property, which costs $200,000 just to join and $14,000 in annual dues.

According to a 2018 ProPublica report, a group of rich members of Trump's club has served as "shadow rulers of the VA," secretly advising Trump's administration of veterans affairs issues.

He frequently cites his "rich friends" in his anecdotes and came under fire last year after it was revealed that a Florida massage parlor owner had been selling Chinese executives access to Trump at his resort.

In all, he has spent more than half of his days in office at a Trump property or Trump golf course.

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