Lara Trump on alleged abuser Steve Wynn leaving RNC: 'We’re sad to see him go'


Yes, she really said that.

The Republican reaction to now-former RNC finance co-chair Steve Wynn's sexual misconduct scandal went from hypocritical to absurd Monday morning when Lara Trump, Donald Trump's daughter-in-law and senior campaign adviser, said she was "sorry" to see Wynn leave his post.

When news broke that gambling mogul Wynn is facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct, including rape, Republicans were remarkably silent about all the cash he had raised for them as the Republican National Committee finance co-chair. Wynn resigned from his position after a full day of press coverage and tanking stock prices.

But even after his resignation, the RNC refused to comment on the allegations, or on the disposition of the funds he had raised. And if Lara Trump is to be believed, that resignation was accepted only reluctantly.


In an interview on Fox Business Network's "Mornings with Maria," host Maria Bartiromo asked Trump for her "take" on the "bad news" of Wynn's resignation.

Trump responded by praising "amazing" RNC chair Ronna Romney McDaniel for accepting Wynn's resignation.

"We're sad to see him go," she added. "He was a great supporter of the president."

That sentiment stands in stark contrast from the way Republicans handled the Harvey Weinstein scandal, when they cluelessly tried to exploit his donations to Democrats even as their own party was, and is, headed by a confessed serial sexual assailant.

No Democrat expressed sorrow at Weinstein's fate at that time, or since.

If Lara Trump is saddened by the departure of alleged sexual predator Wynn, she might be heartbroken to know 66 percent of Americans want admitted sexual predator Donald Trump to resign, too.