Trump adviser: Stock market plunge is 'great opportunity' for investors


Trump's top economic adviser Larry Kudlow said three weeks ago the coronavirus was 'contained.'

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell as low as 11%.

From the March 15 edition of Fox Business' "Varney & Co.":

STUART VARNEY, Fox Business: Do you have a sense that we're pretty close to the bottom?


LARRY KUDLOW: I don't want to make a prediction on it. It's too hard. I will say what I've said, and what Steve Mnuchin has said, and Warren Buffett has said.


You see these tremendous corrections like this, for long-term investors I think it affords a great opportunity to buy. You're investing in America for the long run. This is given an opportunity, with this big correction and so forth and so on. That is still my view.


I buy America in the long run any time, Stu. I always have.

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