Laura Ingraham loses another advertiser hours before her return to Fox


If Laura Ingraham thought the storm over her crude attack on Parkland student David Hogg had blown over because she hid out for a week, she was flat wrong.

Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham is set to return to the airwaves Monday night after a week in hiding. But just hours before showtime, another advertiser has dropped her cold over her hateful attack on a Parkland shooting survivor.

According to The Wrap, Allstate announced in an internal memo to employees that it is pulling sponsorship from Ingraham's program.

"Laura Ingraham's comments about David Hogg were inconsistent with our values. Allstate believes in youth empowerment and last year helped 5 million youth find their voices and take action to make the world better," the insurance company wrote.

Ingraham has faced a sustained wave of sponsorship withdrawals following her vindictive attack on Parkland teen David Hogg. She crassly mocked Hogg for not getting into his top college choices.

Allstate joins a stunningly long list of companies that have since shunned Ingraham's program. Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Expedia, Nestlé, Hulu, Stitch Fix, Johnson & Johnson, the Atlantis Resort, Jenny Craig, Office Depot, Liberty Mutual, Ruby Tuesday, Principal Investment, Miracle Ear, Honda, Subaru, and Ace Hardware have all confirmed they will no longer advertise on the show.

Ingraham issued a feeble half-apology to Hogg a day after attacking him. She claimed to offer it "in the spirit of Holy Week." But Hogg wasn't having it.

"She's only apologizing after a third of her advertisers pulled out," Hogg said on CNN. "I think it's important that we stand together as both corporate and civic Americans to take action against these people and show them that they cannot push us around, especially when all we're trying to do here is save lives."

Fox News has — all too predictably — stood by Ingraham. "We cannot and will not allow voices to be censored by agenda-driven intimidation efforts," the network said.

But Allstate's departure, just hours before Ingraham is back on the air, shows that Fox's grandstanding holds little sway. And the network will continue to take a financial hit as long as it condones such toxic rhetoric.