After losing at least 15 sponsors, Fox's Laura Ingraham gets sued, too


Stumbling after an advertiser exodus, Fox News host Ingraham is now accused of firing her assistant for becoming pregnant.

Even after finding out her personal assistant was on her way to the hospital to give birth to her first child, Fox News host Laura Ingraham kept peppering the woman with text requests.

“Pls just have someone take over the nanny interviews which are critical. Just make sure [the nanny] has everything. Need that exercise equip person to come fix etc.”, read one missive.

The former assistant, Karolina Wilson, who helped schedule the host's chaotic daily life, is now suing Ingraham and her media company, alleging pregnancy discrimination under the District’s Pregnant Workers Fairness Act and its Family and Medical Leave Act.


"Wilson alleges that the conservative talk show host became hostile toward her once she became pregnant and then fired her on her first day back from maternity leave," the Washington Post reports.

Indeed, the lawsuit claims that when Wilson returned to work following her pregnancy, the chief executive of Ingraham’s company called Wilson into his office and told her that she was fired. She was replaced by the person who had filled in for her during the maternity leave.

Ingraham denies the claims in the suit. But news that the supposedly pro-family, conservative talk show host badgered her assistant as she went into labor, and then summarily fired her the day after she came back from maternity leave, certainly makes Ingraham look like a hypocrite.

The news comes at a difficult time for Ingraham, who recently lost more than two dozen advertisers after she took a cheap shot at David Hogg, a Parkland, Florida, high school activist who survived a gun massacre in February.

The Fox host, a mother of three, actually belittled the high school senior Hogg on Twitter for not getting accepted into a number of colleges and universities.

That began a cavalcade of advertisers who dropped her show, including Madison Ave. heavy hitters such as Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Wayfair, Expedia, Nestlé, Hulu, Johnson & Johnson, Jenny Craig, Office Depot, Liberty Mutual, Ruby Tuesday, Principal Investment, Miracle Ear, Honda, and Subaru.

"Saturday Night Live" last weekend made fun of her plight.

After returning from a weeklong "vacation" amidst the boycott controversy on April 9, Ingraham was still losing advertisers. And this week, Ingraham had to awkwardly cut off one of her television guests after he mocked her for losing so many advertisers as part of a nationwide exodus.

Now, as she tries to save her show, she also has to defend herself against serious allegations in a lawsuit that paints her as hostile to working moms. It's not a great time to be Laura Ingraham.