Leaked RNC talking points expose GOP smear campaign against Mueller investigation


As pressure mounts, Donald Trump's allies are increasingly erratic in their defense of his behavior. And their smear campaign against special counsel Robert Mueller only serves to make Trump look more guilty.

After the Washington Post broke the story that Donald Trump is under investigation for obstruction of justice, RNC cronies went to work on crafting talking points in an attempt to rally Trump allies to discredit special prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Despite containing multiple references condemning leaks, the talking points themselves were immediately leaked to the Washington Post’s Phillip Rucker:

Given the level of detail contained in the talking points, one can only assume that Republicans were prepared for yet another shoe to drop.

Despite Trump admitting that he fired FBI Director James Comey because of the Russia investigation, the very first talking point declares, "There is no case for obstruction of justice."

And when not denying reality, the talking points rely on misdirection through casting wild conspiracy theories about the previous administration.

The document somewhat petulantly complains about the lack of media attention to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Comey’s conduct regarding the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and even floats the ludicrous notion that President Obama obstructed justice.

To top it off, Republicans wonder how long the investigation can possibly last. Remember: This is the same group that had no problem spending millions of dollars, across multiple committees and over several months, investing Benghazi.

Trump hasn’t even been in office six months; Republicans better strap in for the long haul.

And while the coordinated smear campaign against Mueller continues, it is not fooling anyone.

Kellyanne Conway attempted to undermine Mueller’s team because some of them donated to the Clinton campaign. She neglected to mention that other campaign donations went to the ultra-conservative Representative Jason Chaffetz.

And Trump himself continues to be his own worst advocate. Unable to contain his impulsive Twitter rants, he once again sought to play the victim card:

Almost as soon as he tweeted that out, senior Senate GOP leadership contradicted him:

Newt Gingrich also attacked Mueller — after praising his selection as special counsel. Even Joe Scarborough, a stalwart Gingrich ally from their time serving together in the House of Representatives, called on Gingrich to stop "sliming an American hero."

When confronted by the press about the investigation into his obstruction of justice, Trump can’t hide his face fast enough. Rather than answer a reporter's question about Trump being under investigation, Trump scurried to the back of the crowd to shake hands.

Trump and his allies can try misdirection, obfuscation, and even running away from the press. But there is one thing he cannot run from: the truth.