'Left completely naked': New horrifying details revealed about Trump's doomed Niger raid


New horrifying details are emerging from the scene of the ambush in Niger where four American soldiers were sent to their death on a doomed mission for which the military was given a blank check by Donald Trump.

New horrifying details are emerging about what was done to the four American soldiers sent on a doomed and deadly mission in Niger last month.

The Guardian reports that eyewitnesses are now speaking up about the bloody battle. The paper notes that the evidence "suggests that soldiers ambushed in Niger last month faced an overwhelming and coordinated attack."

But the battle might have not extracted such a steep toll if other forces, including Niger's, had been able to respond faster. The U.S. military was aware that the ability for U.S. forces to respond in the region was already hampered, but commanders had a blank check from Donald Trump to deploy, no matter the downside.

Eyewitnesses told the paper that 200 heavily armed attackers swarmed the soldiers while riding motorcycles, which is a larger offensive than has been previously reported.

The soldiers were forced to fight alone for six hours. To date, it has been left unexplained why there was no immediate American response, and why the surviving soldiers had to rely on the French and private contractors to extract them.

The bodies of the soldiers who were killed "were stripped of their clothes, boots and weapons, and some were left completely naked."

Sgt. La David Johnson's body was not found until two days later, and it was a considerable distance from the main battlefield. Johnson had been stripped naked and a severe wound to his head was discovered.

It is Johnson's family who Trump and his underlings attacked in recent weeks. Eyewitnesses described his actions as heroic. But when Trump spoke to his widow, Myeshia Johnson, he told her that Johnson "knew what he signed up for."

The coldness of Trump's words made her cry, and in the ensuing controversy the Trump team smeared the Johnson family and their allies for drawing attention to Trump's comments.

Trump has tried to evade blame for the mission. But so far his administration and the Department of Defense leadership answering to him have not come clean with the American people about the deadly decisions that were made.

It is a secret, known only at the highest levels, why these men were sent to their deaths, only to be defiled and mutilated even after being murdered.

Thus far, Trump isn't talking, but the country wants answers.