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Liz Cheney bizarrely claims the world is 'safer' thanks to Trump

On NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told Chuck Todd the world is more stable because of Trump.

By Lisa Needham - September 16, 2019
Liz Cheney
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) thinks that the world is a better place because Donald Trump is president. This worldview isn’t founded on any facts, however — which was evident when Cheney tried to explain it to Chuck Todd on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Todd opened the segment with Cheney by listing a number of significant unstable situations on the world stage right now. He noted that India and Pakistan are nearing a nuclear battle over Kashmir and that Turkey might bail on NATO to ally with Russia instead. Todd also pointed out that Japan and South Korea are now in a trade war and have nixed an intelligence-sharing agreement.

In the face of all this, Cheney, who holds the third-highest position in GOP House leadership as the House Republican Conference chair, cheerfully asserted that “there’s no question but that the world is safer, that we’re in a situation where American leadership has come back.”

What Cheney really means is that Trump has thrown money at the maw of the military, something she and Trump are both very fond of: “One of the most important things this president has done is dedicate the resources necessary to begin rebuilding our defense department, rebuilding our military.”

She then repeated the oft-used lie that under President Obama the military didn’t get necessary resources. Military funding remained sky-high under Obama, but it’s never high enough for Republicans.

Given her father’s penchant for belligerence and unnecessary wars, it’s not entirely surprising Cheney would be so fond of Trump.

When Todd asked her if there needs to be proof that Iran was behind Saturday’s drone attacks on Saudi Arabia, Cheney skipped right over answering and declared it a “very significant escalation,” demanded that visas for Iranian delegates be denied, and said that new sanctions should be imposed. She then, confusingly, asserted that Trump’s current harsh sanctions against Iran are “absolutely working.” Cheney even went on to engage in a Trump-esque rhetorical flourish where she related an imaginary conversation that perfectly supports her worldview: “The people of Iran, you’re seeing, increasingly, the people of Iran saying, ‘Listen, we don’t want part of this. We don’t want to be a pariah state.'”

Republicans like Cheney are going to reflexively back Trump no matter what he does, so it’s no wonder she’s insisting he’s making the world “safer.”

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