London mayor approves 'Trump Baby' balloon to protest Trump's UK visit


The mayor of London has greenlighted 'Trump Baby,' an inflatable balloon of Trump that will greet him on his first visit to the United Kingdom as a detested U.S. leader.

Trump's first visit to England since his election will be attended by "Trump Baby," a giant balloon caricature of Trump wearing diapers and crying.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has given the balloon's flight the approval it needed to get off the ground after a grassroots movement made it happen.

Mayor Khan, through a spokesperson, said, "The Mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms."

Over 10,000 people signed a petition in support of the balloon and more than 1,000 raised the $20,000-plus sum to make it happen.

On its official crowdfunding page, the creators of Trump Baby note, "Donald Trump is a big, angry baby with a fragile ego and tiny hands."

The campaigners say, "We want to make sure [Trump] knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him."

The fundraiser has been so successful, the organizers say they intend to follow Trump around the world with Trump Baby, hoping it "can become a permanent feature of this dreadful Presidency."

Trump has long-delayed visiting England, unlike other recent American presidents who were warmly greeted by one of the country's oldest and closest allies.

Instead of a state visit, Trump's trip to the U.K. is merely a "working visit."

He once dreamt of playing golf with Queen Elizabeth and riding with her in a gold-plated carriage.

But since he took over the presidency, the public there has given him a cold shoulder.

Over 1.8 million signed a petition calling for Trump to be disinvited, noting it "would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen."

Trump has repeatedly antagonized the British.

Trump used his Twitter account to attack Mayor Khan, complaining about how he handled the June 2017 attack on London Bridge.

He was later rebuked by the British for tweeting sensitive information about terrorism investigations in London.

British Prime Minister Theresa May even had to directly condemn Trump after he promoted hate videos from a British anti-Muslim group.

"Iā€™m very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do," the Prime Minister said to applause.

The last time an American president visited London, President Barack Obama was greeted with cheering crowds and warm sentiment.

Trump will be haunted by a baby version of himself, complete with crying face and wearing a diaper.

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