Editorials slam GOP Senate nominee: 'Straight out of the 50s — the 1850s'


Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) is lambasted for his extreme anti-immigrant agenda as his Senate campaign falters.

Rep. Lou Barletta (R-PA) is running for Senate on an anti-immigrant platform so racist one editorial board blasts him for embracing policies "straight out the the 50s — the 1850s."

Barletta is far behind in the polls, and his virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric does not seem to be motivating voters nor impressing editorial boards.

The Unionville Times endorsed Barletta's Democratic opponent, Sen. Bob Casey, and had choice words for the misguided policies pushed by Barletta.

"Barletta’s positions would seem to be in opposition to much of those of the residents of Chester County — a county that depends on immigrant labor for much of our crucial agricultural industry," the board wrote. "With a forward look toward an America that will likely be majority non-white within a couple of decades, it does not make sense to embrace policies, straight out of the 50s — the 1850s — in selecting a U.S. Senator."

Barletta did not fare any better with the Philadelphia Inquirer, which called Barletta's position on immigration "troubling."

The Inquirer was particularly critical of Barletta's position on Trump's cruel practice of ripping children from their families and Barletta's argument that "if families don't want to be separated, they shouldn't cross the border."

The policy Barletta so callously defends resulted in thousands of children being torn away from their family, with kids held in cages. In one instance, an 18-year-old toddler died shortly after being released from federal custody.

Barletta's vitriol landed him on a list of the nation's most anti-immigrant Republican nominees for office this year.

It's not just the papers of Pennsylvania that don't like Barletta. His fellow Republicans have all but abandoned him, refusing his desperate pleas to send campaign funds to help his failing efforts.

Almost every poll since early summer has Barletta losing by double digits, and most election experts have virtually written off his chances of winning the seat.