Cawthorn says people who can't afford property 'don't care' about the country


Republican Rep. Madison Cawthorn also claimed that the left is involved in a plot to take over churches.

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) said on Saturday that people who don't own land "don't care about what's happening to the quality of their country."

Cawthorn made his remarks during an appearance alongside conservative activist Charlie Kirk at a town hall event held at Freedom House Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Cawthorn said:

When I continue to think about what they're trying to do to our country, the fact that they are allowing this epidemic of abortion, has been sweeping the nation, which enables people to not be able to have a family; when they are raising student loans so high that people will never be able to afford a home loan to buy a house, so therefore they are forever having to have a mortgage — you think about it, and so these people don't own any property, they don't have a family and they have no children. So this means that they have no vested interest in the future of their country, because they don't care about the next generation.

"This means that they don't care about what's happening to the quality of their country, because they don't own any land, and this means that these people will look to the state for everything," he concluded.

Cawthorn went on to argue that liberals are engaged in a plot not to eliminate churches, but "to control what the churches say, so they then have this third party that has the label of a higher power being able to validate every single decision that they make."

Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress, said that preventing this purported plot was his motivation for becoming involved in politics at an early age: "It is up to us to save this country for the next generation. It is up to us as freedom-loving Christians."

Cawthorn frequently makes rambling and unsupported attacks against his opponents. He recently blamed the Biden administration for attacks on migrants that happened under former President Donald Trump, and in May he said the left supports wearing masks during the COVID-19 pandemic because it "made these young men who think — and they have no absolute bravery — they're nothing but soy boy cowards. It made them feel strong and as if they were doing something valiant."

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