Majority of Americans reject Trump in all but 12 states


Donald Trump's approval ratings continue to crater in all 50 states — and even the rural voters who make up much of his base are fleeing.

With any semblance of a legislative agenda now fluttering away as the White House wages war on Republican senators who disagree with Donald Trump, it’s not surprising that his approval rating continues to spiral downward.

Frustrated that the candidate who promised to get things done in Washington has not been able to accomplish much of anything (except troll the NFL), an already-unpopular Trump continues to shed supporters.

Specifically, he’s losing support in all 50 states, including among Republican voters and rural voters.

"Trump has failed to improve his standing among the public anywhere — including the states he won handily as the Republican nominee during the 2016 presidential election," according to Morning Consult, which released a new 50-state poll Tuesday.

The poll indicates that Trump’s approval rating has declined in all 50 states since January. And today there are only 12 states in the union where a majority of voters approve of him. Together those states, most of which are thinly populated, total fewer than 80 electoral votes.

Among the states where Trump’s approval has taken the biggest hits are Arizona (down 10 points), Illinois, (-12), Michigan (-8), New Mexico (-10) and Tennessee (-8.)

It’s common for new presidents' approval ratings to decline after taking office, once they begin to be graded on real-world accomplishments instead of campaign promises.

But what’s striking about Trump is that he entered office with historically awful approval ratings, and yet they’ve managed to sink even lower as time goes on.

"From January to September, the share of Republicans who strongly approve of Trump declined by 10 points," according to Morning Consult.

Meanwhile, Monday saw the release of a comprehensive poll of rural voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump last year, which also found lots of bad news for him.

"The poll found that Trump has lost support in rural areas among men, whites and people who never went to college," Reuters reported. "He lost support with rural Republicans and rural voters who supported him on Election Day."

And he’s losing support for lots of reasons: His handling of health care, his inability to carry out a foreign policy, "the way he treats people like me," and "the effort he’s making to unify the country," according Reuters.

This week’s latest bad news comes in the wake of an Associated Press-NORC poll which showed Trump’s net popularity has plummeted 19 points since March, with his approval rating at a truly dismal 32 percent. And even support among his Republican base had shrunk from 80 percent to 67 percent.

The numbers don’t lie: The more Americans observe Trump in office, the more they are giving up on him altogether.