Marco Rubio sinks to lowest approval rating ever after defending his NRA pals


Marco Rubio has an "A+" rating from the NRA — and his worst rating ever from the American people.

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio just hit his lowest approval ratings ever days after embarrassing himself on national television by defending the NRA.

The new poll from Quinnipiac shows Rubio with an abysmal 38 percent approval rating.

And that's a steep drop. Because the last time voters were asked, 46 percent approved of him. And he has had ratings as high as 57 percent.

The collapse follows Rubio's shameful performance at a CNN town hall on gun violence after the mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida.

Cameron Kasky, a student who survived the shooting, asked Rubio if he would refuse campaign donations from the NRA. Rubio tried to dodge the question by insisting that his opposition to gun safety proposals was not connected to any donations.

But the audience of his constituents saw right through that, and loudly booed his answer.

Rubio has received over $1 million in support from the NRA. And in 2016, the NRA gave Rubio "the highest attainable 'A+' rating" and endorsed his campaign.

The group praised Rubio for opposing universal background checks, which would close loopholes that makes it easier for criminals and terrorists to obtain weapons.

In addition, the group hailed Rubio for opposing efforts that would limit the firepower of weapons used in many school shootings.

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who appeared at the same forum, had a 48 percent approval rating. A press release from Quinnipiac noted that the rating is in line with his previous support in their poll.

Unlike Rubio, Nelson bucked the NRA line during the event and called for an assault weapons ban.

The NRA has become toxic to many Americans, thanks to its opposition to gun safety and refusal to support measures to protect children.

In many ways, Marco Rubio has been the very model of the perfect NRA politician.

And now the country has turned against him.