Greene claims Capitol riot 'ruined' all the work she did to throw out Biden votes


Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene complained that the Jan. 6 riot undid her work to overturn millions of votes cast for Joe Biden.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) complained on Tuesday that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol "ruined" her attempt to throw out millions of votes in the presidential election that were cast for Joe Biden.

Appearing on "War Room: Pandemic," a program on the right-wing Real America's Voice network hosted by disgraced former Donald Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon, Greene said she was "very upset" by the events of the day.

"I worked hard. I led an effort and worked very hard to object to Joe Biden's Electoral College votes for six states. I worked my tail off and the riot at the Capitol – or, you know, whatever you want to call it – guess what? It ruined it. So it ruined my job, it ruined all of us, there was many of us involved in this, and it ruined our ability to object," she said.

Greene was part of a core group of Republicans who falsely claimed that Trump had won the election and sought to invalidate millions of votes against him to keep him in office.

On Dec. 30, above a photo of herself holding a rifle in an retweeted Breitbart article, Greene wrote on Twitter, "I refuse to certify a stolen election. It is the duty of Congress to secure the integrity of our elections. On Jan. 6th, I will #FightForTrump."

On Jan. 6, Greene was among the 121 Republicans who voted against certifying Arizona's election results and the 3.2 million votes cast in the state, which Biden flipped from red to blue with 49.4% to Trump's 49.1%. The motion to object to the certification failed.

On Jan. 7, Greene attempted to raise an objection to the certification of Michigan's 16 electoral votes, representing the will of 5.4 million residents of the state, of which a majority (50.6%) had voted for Biden. No senator supported the objection, so no action was allowed to proceed on Greene's motion.

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