Maryland GOP demands accountability for Democrats while defending Trump


Maryland Republicans' 'New Years Resolution' is to hold only Democrats accountable.

The Maryland Republican Party rung in the new year with a fundraising appeal, asking its members to donate to hold state Democrats accountable for ethical failings. But the party continues to defend Donald Trump, who was impeached last month for alleged high crimes and misdemeanors.

The state party emailed supporters on Tuesday, according to a Washington Post report, asking them to donate to help build a 2020 "war chest." The top of the message included an image of the Maryland Democratic Party's logo behind prison bars, accusing their rivals of having a "horrible, no good year" in which few Democratic elected officials resigned in ethics scandals.

"Our New Years Resolution is to hold ALL MARYLAND DEMOCRATS ACCOUNTABLE!" the email promised. "There has been a long list of corrupt Democrats breaking laws and pleading guilty — almost like they’re making their own dirty dozen!"

But rather than demand accountability, the Maryland Republican Party has steadfastly defended Republican Donald Trump — even after he was impeached. The party website asks Trump supporters to join its "MAGA Membership" drive, includes a "Top 10" list of supposed Trump accomplishments, and highlights Trump Victory County Leadership for the 2020 reelection campaign. Its social media feeds includes recent retweets of claims that Trump's impeachment "is a sham, it is a scam on the American people" and that it proves "Democrats don't actually care about governing."

Trump was impeached in December for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, after he released a partial transcript of a phone call in which he attempted to condition security aid to the Ukraine on that country digging up dirt on his political rivals.

With 230 votes in favor of impeaching Trump for abuse of power and 229 votes in favor on impeaching Trump for obstruction of Congress, Trump garnered the most and second-most votes for impeachment of any American president.

With a partisan dispute on how and whether to have a fair process, the expected impeachment trial in the Senate is currently on hold until the articles of impeachment are formally transmitted by the House. On Sunday the New York Times reported on administration emails in which an administration aide warned acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney that he expected "Congress to become unhinged" if it discovered the administration had frozen congressionally mandated security assistance for Ukraine.

The Maryland Republican Party has also proven unable to hold its own party members accountable in the state legislature. In May, Republican state legislator Rick Impallaria refused to resign even after the party approved a resolution calling him "unworthy of the title Delegate." Impallaria was embroiled in multiple scandals relating to campaign robocalls and driving while impaired, but dismissed the resolution as having "no meaning to it whatsoever."

Published with permission of The American Independent Foundation.